Touch sensor 3gang with thermostat

///Touch sensor 3gang with thermostat

Touch sensor 3gang with thermostat

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Touch sensor 3gang with thermostat

Art No. 75643065
EAN No. 4011334381365

شناسه محصول: 75643065 دسته: , برچسب:


Technical Characteristics

Operating voltage 21 … 32 V DC
Current consumption 23 mA
Operating temperature -5 … ۴۵ °C

• KNX Glass sensor 3gang with thermostat
• integrated bus coupling unit
• ۸۶ x 160 x 5,7 mm
• with blue operation LED and 6 white status LEDs
• for glass frames in the same “style” for additional applications, see the Design line R.1
• for additional products to complement the installation in matching colours/materials, refer to the Design platform Q.7
• Only suitable for KNX.
• with integral bus coupling unit
• operation by gently touching the sensor surfaces on the white LED
• with valve protection function
• for switch, push-button, dimmer, blind and thermostat functions
• for heating and/or cooling mode with/without auxiliary step
• single and two push-button operation parameterisable
• end customer display scope parameterisable
• controller operating modes: comfort, standby, night and frost/heat protection mode
• LED display with symbol display
• display of operating mode, controller lockout, room/outside temperature, time (clock required)
• with 2 additional display sensor surfaces
• additional connection for external temperature sensor
• temperature measurement via internal temperature sensor or external communication object
• value transmitter for dimming, position, brightness and temperature values 1 and 2 byte
• operation with non-choked output of KNX voltage supply possible (pay attention to current consumption)
• separate auxiliary power supply needed
• bus connection via connecting terminal
• for vertical mounting
• with adapter ring for dismantling protection and shadow gap formation
• KNX – Berker TS Sensor
• glass black

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توضیحات تکمیلی


86*160*5.7 mm





Operating voltage

21 … 32 V DC

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