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Solutions with metal frame

Lighting control with M-PLAN real glass frames

A variety of options ranging from simple lighting switches through to dimming using rotary dimmers, sensor dimmers as well as convenient, remote-controlled telesensor dimmers.

Blind control with roller shutter switches

The central raising and lowering of blinds and shutters is just the beginning. For additional protection from the sun, cold, prying eyes and intruders, there is an appropriate control system available with a sensor input for sun protection or twilight functions. All of the individual components offered in this system can be mixed and matched at the push of a button to form a system with grouped or centralised functions for easy control.

Temperature control with multi-function push-buttons

Merten offers you a number of control interfaces which enable convenient operation and provide a clear overview when setting the KNX. For example you have 1-4 gang push-buttons, multi-function push-buttons with room temperature control unit, indoor movement detectors and much more.

Multimedia with RJ45 inserts

You will find numerous ports for telephone, ISDN, fax, hi-fi speakers, radio, TV, SAT and data connections etc. for a large number of multimedia, telecommunication, audio and PC applications.

A dimmer that’s got the lot

Easy to operate, multiple functions and a good memory: At one touch of a button, it reduces the brightness to a comfortable 80% or stores the preferred brightness level with a memory button. The comfort dial adds a discreet effect to help you find your way in the dark.

One that doesn’t miss a trick

The flush-mounted ARGUS 180/2.20m movement detector is mounted at a height of 2.20 m, which gives it the best possible view of the situation. Its angle of detection runs horizontally and downwards. Even the very first step into the room switches the light on. A positive side effect of the higher mounting position: Optimum protection against damage.

It’s good for safety – and for reducing energy consumption.

The timer socket insert provides increased protection against overheating and smouldering fires as well as accidental contact by switching off after a pre-set length of time: 15/30 minutes, 1/2/4/8 hours. It’s good for reducing energy consumption: When the time has expired, the devices connected to it don’t consume any more power.


You’ve go to dash out of the house quickly – but you want to leave a message behind. No need for pen or paper – just speak your message into the Memobox in the hall. This little helper fits almost invisibly into the multi award-winning Merten switch design.

Multi-functional clock

The multi-functional clock with integrated timer function is ideally suitable for use wherever precise timing is important. Then you will always know exactly when your steak is medium rare or the pasta is ‘al dente’.

Radio thermometer

Is the weather outside really doing what it promised? Now you can see at a glance: On the Merten radio thermometer. Wireless transmission at a range of up to 30 m. Measuring range: -20°C to +45°C.